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Issue Archive 1980-1996
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  September 2007 Volume 100 Number 8                    
Table of Contents
IMJ Commentary
Original Papers
Short Report
Case Report
Research Correspondence
Letters to the Editor
Health Research Board Unit for Health Status and Health Gain: 1999 – 2007 Supplement
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Original Papers
Comparison of the Previous and Incoming Categorisations of Audiograms in the Occupational Health Setting in Ireland
  C Mc Donnell    
Consensus Statements on the Borderlands of Neonatal Viability: From Uncertainty to Grey Areas
  C Vavasseur,A Foran,JFA Murphy    
Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis in the Republic of Ireland: Epidemiology and Costs
  P Farrell,S Joffe,L Foley,GJ Canny,P Mayne,M  Rosenberg    
Medical Students in the Emergency Department: How do Patients View Participation in Clinical Teaching?
  S Kuan,JJ O’Donnell    
Screening for Autistic Spectrum Disorder at the 18-Month Developmental Assessment: A Population-Based Study
  A VanDenHeuvel,M Fitzgerald,B Greiner,IJ Perry    
Should Patients with Benign Positional Vertigo be Imaged?
  O Young,P Sheahan,D Rawluk,R McConn Walsh    
The Clinical and Pathological Differences in Prevalent Round Screen-Detected and Symptomatic Invasive Breast Cancer
  KJ Sweeney,M Kennedy,MR Kell,N Prunty,NA Aziz,P Holloway,MJ Kerin,F Flanagan    
IMJ Commentary
Putting Evidence Based Medicine into Practice
JFA Murphy
Acute Medical Assessment Units
M UdDin, S Ramakrishnan
Short Report
Acute Facial Paralysis due to Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Parotid Gland
M Alam, H Gheriani, A Curran, M O’Donnell
Case Report
Multivessel Coronary Thrombosis resulting from Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia
R Iqbal, NT Mulvihill, B Nolan, PA Crean
Research Correspondence
Complex Visual Hallucinations in a Psychologically Normal Patient
D Gallagher, A Guerandel, K Malone, M Barry, P Barry
Letters to the Editor
Re: ‘National Survey of Diabetes Care in General Practice’
C Thompson
Re: Meticillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Blood-Stream Infection among Patients Attending the Emergency Department of an Urban Tertiary-Referral Hospital
MH Fraher, GD Corcoran
Maternal Mortality Statistics in Ireland: Should They Carry a Health Warning?
C Murphy, C O Herlihy
Health Research Board Unit for Health Status and Health Gain: 1999 – 2007 Supplement
Health Research Board Unit for Health Status and Health Gain: 1999 – 2007 Supplement
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