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Issue Archive 1980-1996
Subscription Detail 2010
  May 2015 Volume 108 Number 5                    
Table of Contents
IMJ Commentary
Original Papers
Case Report
Research Correspondence
Occasional Piece
Letters to the Editor
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IMJ Commentary
The Importance of Healthcare Planning
JFA Murphy
HLA Testing for Coeliac Disease in Ireland?
Jayasree Kutty,Séamus Hussey,Annemarie Broderick,Shoana Quinn,Billy Bourke
Original Papers
The Prevalence of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Obese Children
Eirin Carolan,Andrew Hogan,Jean O'Connell,Miriam Fallon,Deirdre Byrne,Donal O'Shea,Declan Cody
Treatment Outcome for Adolescents Abusing Alcohol and Cannabis: How Many 'Reliably Improve'?
B Smyth,Alan Kelly,J Barry,Walter Cullen,C Darker
Immediate Care Training in Ireland, 2002-2013: A Potential Link between High Uptake Rates and Effect
gerard bury,Mairéad Egan,Helen Tobin,Mary Headon
A Review of Bed Utilisation in the West of Ireland
D Evans,R Corcoran,R Kiernan,M Glacken
Transurethral Resection of the Prostate – “Now and Then”
Catherine Dowling,Moran D,Anna Walsh,Mazen Alsinnawi,R Flynn,McDermott TED,Grainger R,JA Thornhill
Follow Up of Infants Born to Women with Hepatitis B in the National Maternity Hospital
CP Travers,Jeffrey Connell,Lelia Thornton,Elizabeth Keane,S Knowles,JFA Murphy
Case Report
Accidental Ingestion of Magnetic Spheres in Children
Oskar Zgraj,Sami Awadalla
An Unusual Cause for Massive Inflation
Michael Eamon Kelly,Danielle Courtney,Anna Heeney,Mike Allen
Research Correspondence
Oxytocin is Unequally Distributed in a Bag of Normal Saline – True or False?
Kushal Chummun,Helena O'Hora,Celine Gaudel,Paul Webster,Obafemi Ogunlewe,Peter Boylan
Occasional Piece
Post Operative Complications in a Dedicated Elective Orthopaedic Hospital: Transfers Requiring Specialist Critical Care Support
Peter Dawson,Adam Daly,Darren Lui,Joseph S. Butler,James Cashman
Letters to the Editor
Back Pain Following a Lumbar Puncture – What’s Unusual about That?
Odai Sinokrot,Aoife Doyle,Roisin Lonergan,Susan Fitzgerald,Christopher McGuigan
Another Case of Lemierre’s Syndrome
Elisabeth O'Dwyer,Orla Doody
Genetic Tales
CA Ryan
Strategies to Address Poor Influenza Vaccine Compliance in Healthcare Workers
Corinna Sadlier,Carr A,S Kelly,Bergin C
Aidan Halligan
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