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Issue Archive 1980-1996
Subscription Detail 2010
  July/August 2015 Volume 108 Number 7                    
Table of Contents
IMJ Commentary
Original Papers
Short Report
Case Report
Research Correspondence
Letters to the Editor
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IMJ Commentary
Promoting Paediatric Research
JFA Murphy
Changing Paradigms for Oropharynx Cancer: Swinging of Pendulum Back Towards Surgery
Patrick Sheahan
Towards Improved and Safer Care, For Patients and Doctors
DM Slattery
Original Papers
Patients Accessing Ambulatory Care for HIV-infection: Epidemiology and Prevalence Assessment
Helen Tuite,M Horgan,PWG Mallon,SJ McConkey,Busi Mooka,Fiona Mulcahy,Cathal Walsh,A O'Hora,Darina O'Flanagan,Bergin C,Catherine Fleming
Breaking Barriers to Successful Implementation of Day Case Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Ian Reynolds,Jarlath Bolger,Zahraa Al-Hilli,ADK Hill
A Survey of GPs Awareness and Use of Risk Assessment Tools and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Guidelines
Daragh Byrne,Lois O'Connor,S Jennings,Kathleen Bennett,AW Murphy
Temporal Trends in Hospitalisations for Heart Failure
Alan Sugrue,Yvonne Smyth,Sue Hennessy,Jim Crowley
Characteristics and Outcomes of Older Patients Attending an Acute Medical Assessment Unit
Aoife Fallon,Jess Armstrong,T Coughlan,DR Collins,S Kennelly
Advisory External Defibrillator Availability in General Practice
Tomás Barry,G Bury
Idiopathic Toe Walking: A Gait Laboratory Review
Rory O'Sullivan,Tim O Brien
Short Report
Guideline Promotion Increases Prescription of Bone Protection with Steroids in Hospitalised Patients
Len Harty,James Clare,Dylan Finnerty,Ian Callanan,Fionnuala Kennedy,Susan van der Kamp,Malachi J McKenna,Oliver FitzGerald
Case Report
A Rare Case of BRCA2-Associated Breast Cancer in Pregnancy
Caoilfhionn Ní Leidhin,Anna Heeney,C Connolly,N Swan,Anne Foster,J Geraghty
Research Correspondence
Neonatal Discharge Planning: Could Unscheduled Reviews be reduced in the First Six Weeks of Life?
Eva Forman,Niamh Ó Catháin,Aoife Sills,Sinead Cronin,Adrienne Foran,Naomi McCallion
Letters to the Editor
Re: “Is the NHS Best Practice Tariff for Type 1 Diabetes Applicable in the Irish Context?”
Robert McGrath,Helen Burke,Fiona Curley,Joanne Nelson,Rosemary Geoghegan
The Way Forward for the Refractory Asthmatic
Minesh Kooblall,E Moloney,SJ Lane
Does the Endometrial Scratch Improve Implantation Rates?
Surbhi Chawla,Nikhil Purandare,E Mocanu,Ciara Hughes,Karen Deignan,Mashhour Naasan,Colin Kirkham
Documentation of Allergies on Inpatient Medication Charts
Ealga Beary,Yvonne Lillis
Incorporating Teaching in Global Child Health into Irish Medical School Curriculum
S Geoghegan,AJ Nicholson,E Molloy
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