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Issue Archive 1980-1996
Subscription Detail 2010
  April 2014 Volume 107 Number 4                    
Table of Contents
IMJ Commentary
Original Papers
Short Report
Case Report
Research Correspondence
Occasional Piece
Letters to the Editor
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IMJ Commentary
Eradicating Low Value Medical Care
JFA Murphy
Original Papers
Paediatric Type 1 Diabetes in Ireland – Results of the First National Audit
CP Hawkes,Nuala Murphy
Arrest in Hospital: A Study of in Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes
Neil Fennelly,Celine Mc Phillips,P Gilligan
Distance as a Risk Factor for Amputation in Patients with Diabetes: A Case-Control Study
David Gallagher,Vincent Jordan,Paddy Gillespie,John Cullinan,S Dinneen
Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy: A Report of Three Years Experience
Louisa Glackin,Frances Flanagan,Fiona Healy,DM Slattery
Consultant and Trainee Attitudes towards Supervision of Operative Procedures in the UK and Ireland
Barry J. O'Neill,Kenneth Samora Rankin,Louisa N Banks,ZJ Daruwalla,Andrew P. Sprowson,Douglas P. Robinson,Mike R. Reed,Paddy J. Kenny
Short Report
An Audit of Smoking Prevalence and Awareness of HSE Smoking Cessation Services among HSE Staff
Coilín ÓhAiseadha,Marie Killeen,F Howell,J Saunders
Case Report
Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis
Minesh Kooblall,safwat hamad,E Moloney,SJ Lane
Spinal Cord Stimulation in Pregnancy with Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
Basabjit Das,McCrory C
Research Correspondence
An Audit of the Management of Thyroid Disease in Children with Down Syndrome
Karen King,C O’Gorman,Siobhán Gallagher
Sialoendoscopy in the Management of Salivary Gland Disorders – 4 Years Experience
Wael Hasan,A Curran
Does Eliminating Fees at Point of Access Affect Irish General Practice Attendance Rates in the Under 6 Years Old Population? A Cross Sectional Study at Six General Practices
William Behan,David Molony,Carl Beame,Walter Cullen
Occasional Piece
The Romano-Ward syndrome – 1964 – 2014: 50 years of progress
Emily Hodkinson,Adam Hill,Jamie Vandenberg
Letters to the Editor
BIPAP- Too Little, Too Late?
Sheila Oh,Grace O'Carroll,Abimbola Akintola,Declan Byrne
Intrathecal Baclofen Therapy
Aaisha Khan
General Practice, Multimorbidity and Evidence Based Policy Making: A Key Challenge
Mark Murphy,Liam Glynn,Murphy Andrew W
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