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Issue Archive 1980-1996
Subscription Detail 2010
  July/August 2014 Volume 107 Number 7                    
Table of Contents
IMJ Commentary
Original Papers
Short Report
Case Report
Research Correspondence
Occasional Piece
Letters to the Editor
Book Reviews
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IMJ Commentary
Doctors Working Within Public Health Services
JFA Murphy
The National Paediatric Diabetes Register and its Impact on Healthcare
EF Roche
Original Papers
Acute Childhood Asthma in Galway City from 1985-2005: Relationship to Air Pollution and Climate
Ailíse Loftus,Brendan G Loftus,Iognáid Ó Muircheartaigh,John Newell,Carl Scarrott,Stephen Jennings
Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Mutation Testing, From Bench to Practice: A Single Institute Experience
Hassan Shikhrakab,Yasir Y Elamin,cathal o'brien,kathy Gately,Stephen Finn,K O'Byrne,Nemer Osman
Is the NHS Best Practice Tariff for Type 1 Diabetes Applicable in the Irish Context?
Niamh O' Brien,Sinead Mary McGlacken-Byrne,CP Hawkes,Nuala Murphy
Pulmonary Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria in a General Respiratory Population
Sy Giin Chong,BD Kent,Susan Fitzgerald,TJ McDonnell
Can Multiple Mini Interviews Work in an Irish Setting? A Feasibility Study
Maureen E Kelly,Jon Dowell,Adrian Husbands,Thomas Kropmans,Aoife E Jackson,Fidelma Dunne,Siun O'Flynn,John Newell,Andrew W Murphy
Short Report
Age Related Influence on Screening Coverage and Satisfaction with CervicalCheck
P Fitzpatrick,S O'Neill,T Mooney,Andrea Duignan,Grainne Flannelly
Case Report
Juxta-Articular Myxoma: An Unusual Benign Mesenchymal Lesion, Readily Mistaken for Malignancy
Caitlin Beggan,Karen Davies,J Kinsella,M Leader
Two Hit Hypothesis: An Unusual Complication Following Supra-Pubic Catheter Insertion
Gregory J Nason,Aisling Looney,Michael Kelly,Barry McGuire,David Mulvin
Vismodegib in the Treatment of Advanced BCC
Grainne O'Kane,Tomas Lyons,Ian McDonald,N Mulligan,Fergal Moloney,Dylan Murray,Catherine Kelly
Research Correspondence
Pertussis in Young Infants: Clinical Presentation, Course and Prevention
Aisling O'Riordan,Jennifer Cleary,R Cunney,AJ Nicholson
Occasional Piece
Infection of the Beard Area. Kerion: A Review of 2 Cases
Dmitri Wall,Marianne Fraher,Walid Kanbal,B O’Connell,Rosemarie Watson,C Timon,Leo Stassen,L Barnes
Letters to the Editor
Efficiency of Computerized Discharge Letters
Barry Keane,D O'Neill,T Coughlan,R Collins
Creation of an Electronic Referral Pathway for Pelvic and Acetabular Fractures in Times of Austerity
Francis O'Neill,Mujtaba Nassiri,Darren Lui,Michael Leonard,J McElwain,S Morris
Turner Syndrome: Awareness of Health Issues
Montasser Nadeem,EF Roche
Book Reviews
Bloomfield A History 1812–2012
T Farmar
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